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Shane Aurousseau ex-creative Director. Kiama Productions is the imaging company that he formedShane Aurousseau Ex-creative Director, having worked for some of the World's largest advertising agencies including Young & Rubicam when it was the largest international agency. Accounts worked on, Time Life Books, Time magazine, Yamaha, Michelin, Camel Cigarettes. Painting exhibitions in Madrid Spain and Sydney Australia. He now spends his time using his extensive knowledge of photography photographing events and creating images from around the world. A large percentage of the postcards in London England shops are his work to be seen in some 300 London shops.  He was also a professional tennis player and this sporting ability is a great asset in being able to generate high quality event images.

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Featured Events  
David Lloyds Winter 2015
Lew Hoad 2014
David Lloyd's 2014 Sept
David Lloyd's Juniors 6/2014
Guru Restaurant
David Lloyds Tournament 2012
Catherine Book 1
Client 012
2012 Lew Hoad Memorial ITF Veteran's Tennis Tourna
Memorial Lew Hoad Veteran ITF Tournament 2011 Book
Shah Wedding
2011 Lew Hoad ITF Tennis Tournament Spain


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